Best Practice of School

Information regarding
‘Best Practices’

“Prayers go up blessings come down”.The day of the school starts with morning assembly by taking blessings of the almighty. The news , thought of the day and moral talks by the students, teachers and Principal of the school followed by the National Anthem is the daily feature of the school.

The school works through House system. The school has four houses -Saheed Bhagat Singh House, Raj Guru House, Sukhdev House and Subhash Chander Bose House. The respective House incharges along with their members (Teachers & Students) monitor the working of the school. They daily check the cleanliness, decoration and maintenance of the school discipline. The school has dedicated and experinced team of teachers who teach the students effectively. The Principal of the school pays  regular visits to the class rooms and advises them to be regular in their studies to become enlightened citizens of the country.

The Principal along with teachers have arranged orientation programme  for parents of all the classes as per schedule framed. The parents are sensitised regarding the daily monitoring of their wards and they are also advised to help the students in following proper time table at home so that students devote more time to studies. The parents are motivated to allow their wards to participate in all the activities of the school for their all round development.

The students are encouraged to participate in all  the sports activities for their physical development. The Annual Athletic Meet is the annual feature of the school. The students are also encouraged to participate in all the co-curricular activities i.e. paper reading, poster making , debates and declamation etc.

The school is taking all care to maintain the environment. For this the school has Sohanjana Eco Club where students along with their teachers nurture the environment and celebrate special days like Earth Day, Environment Day, Save Water, Baisakhi Day etc.

There are two N.S.S units in our school. The special Camps are organised for the students where the  students are enlightened to do social service for the welfare of the people. The students are given orientation talks to save girl child ,women empowerment to have the spirit of patriotism through N.S.S units. The National festivals like Republic day and Independence day are celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm. The health of the school students is given high priority We have health club and Kishori club specially for adolescent girls. There is regular check up drive like eye, dental etc for all the students.

The Mid-Meal scheme of the school provides hygienic and wholesome diet to the students of classes pre-Nusrey to 8th .

The needs and aspirations of the special students are given prior importance. Days like World disability day are celebrated to boost the morale of these special students.

Free medicines are distributed to the students and teachers monitor that their students should take the medicines regularly as per the direction of the Ministry of Health.

Regular PTM on the last day of every month is a regular feature of the school in which the problems regarding the improvement of the students are discussed with the parents and their suggestions are duly taken for their bright future.